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The original self-timing tuner muzzle brake.

As competitors that actually spend time on the podium, we know seeing impacts is everything, so we’re here to fill gaps in the market previously overlooked by manufacturers and pave the way for positive new trends in the industry to address the lack of focus put on rifle balance, weight distribution, muzzle rise and recoil management to get you seeing as many impacts as possible and thus improving your scores.

Chosen by the worlds best.

It's time to flex on your squad mates.

without warning clothing + sticker kits

Be proud of who you are and your lifestyle choices, gentlemen!

Don’t let those with soft liberal ears shame you for choosing to delete recoil from your life. They’re just upset guns are too loud and scary for them once an effective brake developed with solidworks and flow simulation is put on a rifle. Always put yourself in the best possible position to win matches. Seeing impacts is everything, everything is winning! Nobody remembers second place. It’s time to be loud, literally, and proud. Flex on your bitch ass squad mates with without warning apparel.

Concussion gang doesn’t care about your feelings. We’re too busy celebrating winning to hear about your headache. #concussiongang

All without warning apparel comes with ‘motorcross decal’ grade stickers with the same print as your clothing choice, so you can flex on your squad mates in more ways than one. Same material as our thick, durable and bold barrel stickers.


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Product Details

Our new clothing + sticker kits feature; a clothing item bundled with a couple of matching stickers, so you can flex on your squad mates in more ways than one. Stickers are ‘motorcross decal’ grade stickers and start at 4.5 inches in length and 1.25 inches in height. Big and bold, ideal for barrel stickers, tripods and gun cases.

T-shirts are printed on canvas jersey t-shirts and are available in multiple sizes. These t-shirts were chosen because of the larger and more open neck than normal crew neck t-shirts because if god forbid you don’t win, you at least want to look good while you do it. Looking like your mum dressed you isn’t cool.

Beanies are printed on 12 inch sportsman pom-pom knit beanies, are one size fits all and have embroidered logos. Why? Because winter.

More styles, collaborations and products coming soon.


Industry leading performance.

By competitors, for competitors.


What warranty do you offer?

All products come with a no-nonsense lifetime warranty. If you notice something isn’t quite right when you receive your product or something strange happens to it, contact us so we can exchange it, repair it or organize a full refund. (Warranty does not include coatings after use. If you damage the integrity of your coating ie; scratch it and then soak it in CLR or other chemicals, they can get between the coating and the substrate and remove/destroy the coating. Do not soak your product in CLR or similar chemicals if the coatings integrity is compromised. Take care of your coating and it will last forever, abuse it and it will look like it’s been abused. We also don’t warranty parts damaged from cleaning such as aluminum and brass parts cleaned in chemicals not meant for those materials.)

Do you offer refunds?

We no longer offer full refunds for change of mind.

We are happy to offer refunds minus a 10% restocking fee plus postage fee’s on in-stock products and a 35% restocking fee on pre-ordered products. Please be aware of lead times before making purchases and email for confirmation if unsure. Pre-ordered products wait times are 2-8 weeks before shipping and in-stock items ship within 1 week. If your order/pre-order falls out of these lead times, we accept fault and will offer a full refund.

Do you have any dealers or only sell direct to the public?

We are in the process of setting up more dealers in USA, Canada and Europe (email us for updates on if we have a dealer in your country, this situation is constantly changing as demand grows). If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact us to discuss.

Our current dealers and distributors are linked below.

Are you in the military or have you been associated in the military in any way?

No. We are not ex-military and have not/do not claim to have/had any association with the military but we appreciate the sacrifice the boys have made past and present and is one of the reasons why we offer a military discount to thank all military members for their service. We are a small company but offer what we can.

What’s the companies name? I’m confused.

The company’s name is Without Warning.

The URL withoutwarning was taken so we added strike to it. So strikewithoutwarning is just the websites URL. Yes, everyone calls the company strike without warning but that is incorrect and always has been. Get it right, nerds.

What targets are used in the tuning videos?

The targets used in the tuner series of videos are simply a .pdf file printed at the local printer shop onto a3 cardboard, download them below. The target is a 0.1 mil grid with 0.1 mil orange squares. They are rotated 45 degrees, so you have fine aiming points for shooting groups. We find this is much more consistent than shooting at circles etc.

Most trusted tuner in winning.

All prices and sales are in USD.

All sales and prices are in USD. We are no longer an Australian company, we are based out of Utah and our products are assembled here in Utah, The United States. We no longer sell direct to Australian and New Zealand customers; all orders will be done through our Australian dealer network and distributor; Precision Rifle Shop and our New Zealand dealer; Anthony Collie. All United States and Canadian orders ship from the Utah, The United States with UPS and all International orders ship from Utah, The United States with USPS.

We are happy to ship all over the world, just let us know if you have any importing nuisances we must abide by, to help get your products to you quicker and easier by contacting us. We currently offer standard flat rate worldwide shipping for $65 USD and we can ship with express methods international also, just email us so we can get you the best quote if you have specific needs.

(We do not do business with or/ship to China, North Korea, South America, The Middle East, Law Enforcement agencies and/or Government agencies that oppress their citizens). Remember, anyone trying to disarm you is your enemy.

For more information on shipping and sales etc. please send us an email/call us.

Relentlesly copied by compeitors.

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