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The original self-timing tuner muzzle brake.

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Most recoil reduction in a brake, ever.

Industry leading performance.


Once the tmb’s (tuner muzzle brake) proof of concept was completed, working, and a viable product for PRS competitions, we needed an industry leading muzzle brake to go with it but unfortunately the companies responsible for industries best products at the time weren’t interested in working with us to bring the first self-timing tuner muzzle brake to the market. So naturally we set out to develop our own. 

After our initial 6 months of development on the brake itself with flow simulations in SolidWorks and then real world testing, we came up with the first generation of the muzzle brake used in the original and industry leading tmb (tuner muzzle brake). Now, 4 years later, due to constant development and refinement we have the industry first chad (tuner muzzle brake) with even more refined features, performance and less blast than the original tmb’s muzzle brake. 

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What separates the chad tuner muzzle brake from the competition is it’s commitment to the strongest gas deflection in the industry. Due to it’s industry first, multiple piece design, that’s laser welded together into a single assembly, we’re able to create geometry not possible via conventional methods. This geometry allows us to supercharge the gas traveling through the muzzle brake and also dramatically improve the muzzle brakes gas deflection performance.
What this means is less gas escapes through the muzzle brake and out the end of it. More is simply manipulated and pushed through the brake and out the sides. That energy is used to fight recoil more than any other brake thus giving it better performance than the competition.

In our latest testing we bested all the market’s current brakes again, and this is only the beginning of what we can do with this new technology. We do all of this while redirecting the blast up and away from the shooter to create a blast free shooting experience. 

We don’t just make claims, we back them up with real world performance, data and knowledge. Check out our YouTube/blog for our latest muzzle brake comparison tests for real data and explanations of the results. 

More performance, less blast.

Internal, locking, harmonic barrel tuner.

Made by competitors, for competitors.


As serious competitors first, and engineers second, we know what shooters need and why. 

We don’t need to consult high level shooters about the latest trends, needs and techniques, as we’re competitors that spend time on the podium ourselves and are in the dirt and mud, side by side with the best of the best at matches every weekend, all around the country and the world. (And if for whatever reason we need to consult the best competition shooters in the country and from around the world on products, we sponsor and shoot with, the best of the best and have done since day one). 


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The tmb (tuner muzzle brake) has not only won more PRS/NRL matches for the 2023 season from unpaid shooters than any other muzzle brake, but it’s also won more PRS/NRL matches than any other; stand alone harmonic barrel tuner, or self timing tuner muzzle brake (a product we invented and has since been poorly copied more times than we can count). 

To name a few we’ve won the 2021 NRL Championship and Finale, 2022 NRL Championship and Finale, 2022 PRS Australian Championship and Finale, 2022 PRS New Zealand Championship and Finale, 2023 NRL Hunter Overall and Open Heavy Championship, 2023 PRS Swedish Championship and Finale, 2023 Dainsh PRS Championship.

Use what the best competitors are actually using and what the best competitors actually trust.

Lifetime, no nonsense warranty.